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Alien Ant Farm is musical group that was formed in 1995 in Riverside, California, United States. Having a sound mixing alternative rock with elements of metal, punk music, and more, the band consists of Dryden Mitchell (vocals, guitar), Terry Corso (guitar), Tye Zamora (bass) and Mike Cosgrove (drums). Taking their name from the popular sci-fi trope of aliens having created humanity for their own amusement, the band became internationally famous in 2001 for two smash hits: Movies and Smooth Criminal (a spirited rock cover of the Michael Jackson tune). In 1999, the band released their debut album, the tongue-in-cheek titled 'Greatest Hits'. It went on to win Best Independent Album in the L.A. Music Awards and has picked up a big fan response. In 2000, after forging a friendship with the alternative rock band Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm signed with DreamWorks SKG for their first major studio album, called 'ANThology'. The band's tunes showcased an energetic sound that featured humorous, often cynical lyrics and a desire to take in all kinds of musical influences. In 2001, their cover of the Michael Jackson song, Smooth Criminal, was a #1 single in both Australia and New Zealand as well a #3 single in the United Kingdom and #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart. The song's music video features numerous homages to Michael Jackson's life and career as well as Jackson's many videos. The song was featured on the soundtrack of the first season of 'WWE Tough Enough' and in the movie 'A...

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