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Bloodhound Gang is a satirical American alternative rock band from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States, mixing a punk rock sound with hip-hop and more recently electropop. The group formed in 1992, and they originally traveled all over Pennsylvania, with frontman Jimmy Pop having a strong 'Philly accent'. With a penchant for off-color jokes and a taste ranging from toilet humor to observational comedy, they're ironically named after the kid-detective ring on an 80s PBS kids show. Their 1995 first official studio album, Use Your Fingers, broke them into the mainstream. They have toured constantly. The band is perhaps now best known for their 1999 dance music satire The Bad Touch (a top 40 hit in multiple nations such as Australia, Norway, Sweden, and more) and their 2005 pop punk / power pop track Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (also a European hit), along with their 1996 breakthrough song Fire Water Burn. Discography 1991 - Bang Chamber 8 (Demo released as Bang Chamber 8) 1992 - Just Another Demo (Two versions exist) 1993 - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack To Hitler's Handicapped Helpers (Demo version) 1994 - Dingleberry Haze (EP release) 1995 - Use Your Fingers 1996 - One Fierce Beer Coaster 2000 - Hooray for Boobies 2005 - Hefty Fine 2011 - Show Us Your Hits (Greatest hits release) Their official website is It is also known as the Bloodhound Gang Cyber Hate Club. More information is also availible on the group's Facebook and MySp...

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