Boy is a name of at least 5 artists: 1) A band consisting of Valeska Steiner (aka Valeska) and Sonja Milena Glass. They are based in Zurich and Hamburg. Their début album was Mutual Friends (2 Sep 2011, Grönland). Sites: MusicBrainz, Facebook and MySpace 2) A Czech punk rock band from Brno. The band consists of Martino (vocal), Kelso - (guitar/vocal), Olda (guitar/vocal), Rob (bass/vocal) and Vinca (drums). Inspired by Turbonegro and Motörhead. In 2013 they released 7 EP I'm Weird, and their debut album Darkest Visions was released in 2014. Stay punk! Since 2012. Sites: Official Website, Bandzone and Facebook 3) A Norwegian rock band with quite a unique style. They rely heavily on synthesizers to make their music stand out from the run of the mill rock band. Their album I Know You're Not Asleep, along with the band name, was probably inspired by the famous Whitnail And I line. Sites: MySpace 4) A Canadian pop rock band consisting of Stephen Kozmeniuk, Maurie Kaufmann (drums), Steve Payne (bass), Rolla Olak (guitar) and James Robertson (guitar). Their releases include: Every Page You Turn (2004, MapleMusic Recordings), French Diplomacy (2003, Bumstead) and Skin. Sites: Wikipedia 5) A French minimal/folk artist mostly release as Boy & The Echo Choir. Sites: Tumblr Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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