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A Seaside Town In Winter. The phrase conjures a wealth of images. Evokes such strong feelings. Of a frozen ghost town. A dead space. Of imprisonment and flight. Regret. Desperation. A Seaside Town In Winter is the name of the debut album by new Nottingham five-piece Falling Off Maps. Both the album title and band moniker were in place before a single note had been written or recorded. Before the band even existed, in fact. Falling Off Maps were a thematic concept in mind first – then music. “My parents live in a seaside town and in winter it becomes desperate, desolate place,” says singer guitar Dave Wright. “In summer it’s thriving but out of season when winter arrives the tourist flee, businesses can’t survive and everything just stops. It becomes a ghost-town. A dead place. That image seemed to inspire the birth of the music and the way in which it evolved from there.” “That sort of geographic isolation and escaping from it then grew to take on multiple meaning as the songs grew with it,” adds bassist Dane Prewett. “The seaside town came to represent relationships or previous band experience or other areas of our lives that we wanted to escape from.” The title set the tone for Falling Off Maps’ haunted sound then. It’s music that elicits certain adjectives to which the band members keep returning. Solace. Hope. Intimacy. Escape. A British Seaside Town In Winter is bleak - yes, but ultimately it is uplifting too. Band and music speak of release...

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