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When you write great songs it doesn’t take long for the world to find out. Formed in 2005 (although a few of the members have known each other since high school), Kessler was just another Dallas band trying to get their songs noticed until an opportunity arose to record a track for a local CD released by Coca-Cola. That one song on their MySpace page was enough to not just get them noticed, but land them a record deal with then-fledgling label YMA Records. “We’ve been writing this record our whole lives,” drummer Jonathan Ogle says. “I think with your first record you just try to write singles because you want to get signed. It’s always ‘We gotta write a better song.’ We did that until we found the song that got us signed.” The band lost no time translating the songs they’d been writing and performing over the years into their debut album. Before the ink on their contracts had even dried, the band was off to begin recording in September of 2006. “Within a week we had all quit our jobs and were in LA,” says Mike Mitchell, lead vocalist. “It was really fast.” There, the fivesome began work with producer Jim Wirt (Hoobastank, The Rocket Summer, Jack’s Mannequin), who bolstered the group’s already-engaging songs into the eleven impassioned, streamlined tracks that appear on the dynamic I Know Your Voice. “He did a phenomenal job,” Mitchell says of Wirt. “He brought a really good ear to our songs. He made the songs that were not as bright just...

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