Penny Lane

alternative rock

There are at least three bands named Penny Lane. 1) Polish alternative rock band founded in 2004 in Mysłowice, Poland. 2) Croatian alternative rock band founded in 2011 3) British songstress. 4) Glam rock band: Founded in 1990 by Drummer Billy Gash, fresh out of the well known theatrical and sleazy metro NY/NJ/PA/MD area band Wicked Sin, Penny Lane wouldn't begin to take shape until the arrival of Bassist Raci Starr and Guitarist Cristi Layne who were just hot to the music scene and causing quite a stir. Oh but a singer.......finding a singer.....finding the right singer! While the writing nucleus and chemistry of this band and style was beginning to focus and gel, churning out song after song, the search for a certain sounding and looking singer would prove to be quite a frustrating one. Still the band sifted through so many pictures and audio tapes from all over the U.S.A. and overseas while holding live auditions down at their rehearsal studio up till 3am 3-4 times a week. Then, one day, while going through the usual live singer torture auditions, which usually would end after 1 song. The band got back to playing originals with Gash on lead vocals and Raci and Cristi on backing vocals. When in walks a guy, where all members agreed had the right look and sound, but also the potential for something bigger. He basically just came off the streets of North Jersey with a flyer in hand and said he was ready ready to rock, and the Lead Singer sp...

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