Formed in February 2005, Redroom are a brand new, blisteringly fresh and exciting band from Leicester. Redroom are as commercially accessible as they are pioneering. Their unique sound layers soaring and emotive vocals over the driving, dynamic and powerful trio of guitar, bass and drums to create songs that are infectious, melodic and lyrically challenging. RedRoom centres around strong songwriting and a wide appreciation of many different styles of music and musical skills (from rock through to dub-reggae). These ensure that, both dynamically and melodically, Redroom are always varied and captivating; from the uplifting euphoria of 'Watch my Back' to the melancholic verve of 'In the Garden', from the brutal power of 'Waistline' to the soulful and delicate 'In the Shallows'. In short, Redroom have mass appeal. Think Placebo meets Jeff Buckley, Queens of the Stone Age meets Led Zeppelin. Whilst Redroom are accomplished studio recording artists they are first and foremost a powerful and energetic live band. Being a combination of talented and experienced live musicians who have firm beliefs in the integrity of live performances devoid of backing tapes and miming, Redroom command the stage, sounding every bit as good performing live in the flesh as they do recorded. In the few short months since their conception RedRoom have already written over an albums worth of material and recorded a Demo CD. Currently self-managed, Redroom seek professional representation to share thei...

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