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California born artist Sunny Levine has an international reputation as a producer, but has finally decided to embrace his identity as a musician. He's taken his talent to create a musical diary - a love story gone wrong told through his first solo album, Love Rhino. What exactly is a Love Rhino? Initially it was just an inside joke, a one off statement that grew into a metaphor about dealing with heartache. Rhinos are tough animals, thick skinned, imposing; a rhino with a broken heart would seem heavy, lumbering, and slow. Coping required charging through the hard times lugging a big upended world of emotions - and that's exactly what Sunny did. On this debut Sunny Levine delivers a sparsely textured chronicle of love gone wrong. Levine took the classic boy meets girl, they fall in love, it falls apart story and set it to music – really good music. The late night confessional vibe of Love Rhino's lyrics harkens that of Dylan's Blood on the Tracks, Beck's Sea Change and Marvin Gaye's Here My Dear. Blending casual conversation, acoustic instrumentals, electronic beats, witty word play, mixed metaphors and sarcasm, Levine tells a story that has a beginning, middle and end, mapping his heartbreak with painstaking chronology. Composed with an eclectic assortment of acoustic guitar, processed violin, horns, banjos, and lyrical references to boxing and horse racing, the albums style is loose and genuine. To pull it all together, Levine enlisted a little help from friends lik...

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