Growin' up, brewin' up
Guerilla gettin' trained up
Look out, look out
From over the rooftop
Competition coming up now
Load up, aim,
Fire! Fire! Pop!

Row da boat, straight to da ocean
Give 'im a run, a run at his own game
Signal the plane, an' I landed on the runway
A survivor, independent foreigner

First your beats had me running to the running man
Then your chat had me wanna do the boogie man
Click suits and booted in the timberland
Freakin' out to Missy on a Timbaland

You shoulda been good to me
Then I wouldn't get so rowdy rowdy
You shoulda kept ya eye on me
Then I wouldn't get so baddy baddy

Whether you are
Swinging out to swing beat
Laying low and jacking off to Lou Reed
Chasin' out to the Pixies and the Beasties
Doin' acid with hair-colored geek freaks
Fast forward onto the '04
Got my own flow get you to the dance floor
Little mama doin' the booty rolls
Crump clowns got me rootin' for the linos

Fire! Fire! Pop!
Fire! Fire! Pop!
Fire! Fire! Pop!
Fire! Fire! Pop!
Fire! Fire! Pop!
Fire! Fire! Pop!

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