• Every You Every Me
  • The Bitter End
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  • Ashtray Heart
  • Days Before You Came
  • Second Sight
  • I Know
  • Scared of Girls
  • Centrefolds
  • Summer's Gone
  • Something Rotten
  • Commercial for Levi

Shine the headlight
Straight into my eye
Like the road kill
I'm paralysed
You see through my disguise

At the drive-in
Double feature
Pull the lever
Break the fever
And say your last goodbye

Since I was born I started to decay
Now nothin' ever, ever goes my way

One fluid gesture
Like stepping back in time
Trapped in amber
I'm still not satisfied

Airs and social graces
Elocution so divine
I'll stick to my needle
And my favorite waste of time
Both spineless and sublime

Since I was born I started to decay
Now nothin' ever, ever goes my way

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