• Guilty
  • Beautiful
  • Disaster
  • In This Moment
  • Emily
  • My Heart
  • Follow Me Down
  • Live To Die
  • Part Of Me
  • The Way You Move
  • Waiting
  • Everything
  • World To Me
  • Life, Scars, Apologies
  • Believe
  • Life Of Mine
  • Sober Love
  • Other Side Of Me
  • Made Up My Mind
  • Crying Shame
  • Mend All The Pieces
  • My Only
  • The Show
  • Don't Follow
  • Leave My Mark
  • Guilty (Acoustic)
  • Life Of Mine (Acoustic)
  • Take My Breath Away
  • Run To You
  • Title
  • Life/Scars/Apologies
  • Emily [Instrumental]
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  • The Way You Move (acoustic)
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  • The Way You Move (2010)
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  • Don't Follow (Alice In Chains Cover)
  • Life, Scars, Apologies-Life, Scars, Apologies
  • Life, Scars, Apologies.
  • Since October - World To Me
  • Believe-Life, Scars, Apologies
  • Dont Follow [Alternative Rock]
  • Made Up My Mind [Alternative Rock]
  • Life Of Mine (acoustic)
  • The Way You Move [Alternative Rock]

It's not what you think
A little more than you know
I'm constantly reminded of the
Things I'll never be
I'm sorry for my love
But "sorry" doesn't cut it now
Why isn't that enough it's enough?

All I want, all I need
Is part of me, this part of me
Is crying out, begging you now
To finally see this part of me

This perfect part of me
Somebody finally sees
And still you're pointing fingers
Angry fingers at me
Whatever did I do?
Can anybody tell me now
What wrong I've done, please, someone?

Cry out just to find only
What I once was is who I will be
Kindness is so risky
Like a poison, it's slowly killing me

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