Alec Benjamin Song Meanings - Mind is a Prison

1 year ago 404 Interpretation:

  • According to Alec himself, “Mind Is A Prison is about sort of feeling I’m trapped inside my own head. That’s why I named it that, Sometimes it feels like I have all these thoughts going around and I need a break, but I can’t get out.” Hence, this song is based on the idea of the singer asserting that his “mind is a prison”. He feels trapped by his own thoughts and being self-hate and alone. As such, in the song, "I wish I could escape" shows he has made attempts to escape apparently. 
  • This song is also about us who being held prisoner by our own relentless thoughts. I guess all of us have at sometime or the other felt this sense of being hostage to the endless onslaught of thoughts and emotions and at times  we are trying to find ways and escape our own mind