Cry Of Love

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Atleast two bands go by the name of Cry Of Love: 1)Jimi Hendrix & The Band Of Gypsys on the Cry Of Love Tour in 1970 nicknamed the Cry Of Love... 2)Cry Of Love was a 90's band that would have fit in perfectly with the 70's music scene. The band played bluesy hard rock, which wasn't too far removed from that of Bad Company and Free, and made some waves with their debut before fading into obscurity. Cry Of Love was formed in Raleigh, North Carolina by Kelly Holland (vocals), Audley Freed (guitar), Robert Kearns (bass) and Jason Patterson (drums). Freed's wonderful guitar playing and the surprise rock radio success of singles Bad Thing, Peace Pipe and Too Cold In The Winter made the debut album a surprise success in an era where grunge and Black Sabbath type riffs reigned supreme. The group embarked on a lengthy year and a half long tour supporting acts such as Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top before things took a surprising twist. In late 1994 Holland announced he was departing the band, leaving the remaining members to search for a new front man. The new vocalist would be one-time Lynch Mob singer Robert Mason, who would appear on the follow-up Diamonds & Debris, another superb effort. But by the time of the albums release, some four years after the debut, the music world had already forgotten about Cry Of Love, and the album sank without a trace. Shortly after its release the band called it a day. After the break-up Freed joined another similar sounding band ...

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