Coldplay Song Meanings - The Scientist

11 months ago 178 Interpretation:

  • This is about love and the breakup of a relationship with girlfriend or or even the death of someone you love. Anything where he wants to go back to before it all happened. He tried to reason out what went wrong scientifically but but he just can't and is over-analyzing the situation. Love doesn't just work like that after all. 
  • It also implies that we took many things for granted. We always think that things will always work to our will and stay the same, but in reality, life is always changing, and one day you wake up to find that the precious things you held on to dearly is gone. 
  • This song is a story (on the surface), from the perspective of a 'scientist'. He speaks about how he was so engrossed in his scientific endeavors that he neglected his relationship.  He can have empirical, scientific data but love supersedes all. and when he realizes the error of his ways and wants to start fresh. However, it's too late.