Gorillaz Song Meanings - Kids with Guns

9 months ago 199

MyBesh.com Interpretation:

  • This song to me is about guerilla warfare in some parts of Africa, where the younger generation are stolen from their homes,  and how they were drugged and brainwashed. They are given guns to fight in wars living in a life unreal and committing demonic acts.
  • The children learning that guns are the only thing to keep them safe, and that with all the violence going on in the world, it only makes sense to carry one.
  •  It sounds like a pretext of war. They lie, recruit and make the kids to fight for them in the war. It's all for their own greed and desire.
  • It implies what's happening in the world today. Kids carrying gun (they are told it's ok to carry guy around) and shooting in the schools. The children nowadays are taught by the society to be cold and heartless monsters.