Nickelback Song Meanings - Rockstar

11 months ago 252 Interpretation:

  • This song is about how people nowadays are willing to give up their life and lose their oneself just to become a 'Rockstar' and be famous and rich. Just like how it is portrayed in the song, "I'll trade this life for fortune and fame, I'll even cut my hair and change my name"
  • This is a satirical song that is mocking Rockstars' ridiculous lifestyles. In the song, it shows how people think their life is great but in reality it isn't. Just take a closer look, no one needs 15 cars or a huge bathroom. But the average person is jealous of what they have.
  •  It's about wanting to be a rockstar/celebrity coz it's being shown as the coolest thing ever but at the same time it's almost making fun of their own lifestyle.