• Theme For An Imaginary Western
  • Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune
  • Rope Ladder To The Moon
  • Weird Of Hermiston
  • He The Richmond
  • The Ministry Of Bag
  • The Clearout
  • Born To Be Blue
  • To Isengard
  • Tickets To Waterfalls
  • Folk Song
  • Over The Cliff
  • Keep It Down
  • You Burned The Tables On Me
  • Can You Follow?
  • Sunshine Of Your Love
  • Morning Story
  • White Room
  • Boston Ball Game, 1967
  • Statues
  • Dancing On Air
  • Smiles And Grins
  • Politician
  • Boston Ball Game 1967
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  • Can You Follow
  • Things We Like
  • There's A Forest
  • Candlelight
  • Ships In The Night
  • Theme From An Imaginary Western
  • Tickets to Water Falls
  • A Letter Of Thanks
  • HCKHH Blues
  • Post War
  • Lost In The City (Jam Mix)
  • Ballad For Arthur
  • Reach for the Night
  • Pieces Of Mind
  • Born Under A Bad Sign
  • Without A Word
  • Golden Days
  • Victoria Sage
  • Fields of Forever
  • I Feel Free
  • The Consul at Sunset
  • Jet Set Jewel
  • Running Through Our Hands

She wrote me out a letter of thanks
I had to doubt
Waking in someone's shoes
It made me feel so harried
Under her clothes she carried
Proof that she wasn't married
She carved herself a piece of my heart
I have to starve
Walking in someone's bed
Love causes such congestion
It gives me indigestion
When she brings up the question

I walked into a solid brick wall
I felt like glue
Sticking to someone's shed
My front teeth were all broken
By those doors you had spoken
I wish you'd left them open

Now when it's time to look for some peace
I think it's fine
Practising my last stand
Now that the crowd's diminished
Our hope of loud is finished
I trace your name in spinach

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