• Theme For An Imaginary Western
  • Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune
  • Rope Ladder To The Moon
  • Weird Of Hermiston
  • He The Richmond
  • The Ministry Of Bag
  • The Clearout
  • Born To Be Blue
  • To Isengard
  • Tickets To Waterfalls
  • Folk Song
  • Over The Cliff
  • Keep It Down
  • You Burned The Tables On Me
  • Can You Follow?
  • Sunshine Of Your Love
  • Morning Story
  • White Room
  • Boston Ball Game, 1967
  • Statues
  • Dancing On Air
  • Smiles And Grins
  • Politician
  • Boston Ball Game 1967
  • Escape To The Royal Wood (On Ice)
  • Can You Follow
  • Things We Like
  • There's A Forest
  • Candlelight
  • Ships In The Night
  • Theme From An Imaginary Western
  • Tickets to Water Falls
  • A Letter Of Thanks
  • HCKHH Blues
  • Post War
  • Lost In The City (Jam Mix)
  • Ballad For Arthur
  • Reach for the Night
  • Pieces Of Mind
  • Born Under A Bad Sign
  • Without A Word
  • Golden Days
  • Victoria Sage
  • Fields of Forever
  • I Feel Free
  • The Consul at Sunset
  • Jet Set Jewel
  • Running Through Our Hands

When I was angry as I am now
And the night was cruel as it is now

When I was young as I am now
And the city was steel as it is now

You danced for me and the world stopped
You danced for me and the truth was clear
You danced for me and the names were clean
The sweetest movement I've ever seen

There is this rhythm
It's in your dark eyes
I know this rhythm
I know this rhythm
And it tames me
It tames me
Through all the streets
Through all the steel
It's in that dark deep dance
It's in the dance you danced for me

I was lost in this city
I swear I can't remember its name
But you danced for me
And man you made it fall away

The sky was mean as it is now
And I was moving as I am now
You danced for me
And I knew

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